About MagSwap

Things change.  The world, our lives, our needs and hobbies … change happens, sometimes at a moment's notice.  Whatever the change may be, it can alter your viewpoint, your perceptions, your interests, or even just the way you spend your free time.

At MagSwap, we believe that you should be able to change your magazine subscriptions as quickly as change can occur —without paying extra for the privilege.

Through special arrangements with magazine publishers and distributors, we offer our members the flexibility to switch subscriptions instantly — no questions asked, no reasons required, and best of all, no cancellation or replacement costs charged.  For a single, low monthly fee, MagSwap members can subscribe to three magazines of their choice from among over 60 titles (with more on the way) — and swap those subscriptions for new ones whenever they want.

Whether your reading interests shift due to intellectual curiosity, updated professional or personal goals, sudden medical concerns, a desire to explore a different hobby, or simply because a magazine didn't live up to your expectations, MagSwap gives you the power to adapt and adjust your library of resources — or those of your loved ones — at the click of your mouse.

We realize that magazine subscriptions aren't necessarily your biggest priority or the most valuable tool in your arsenal when change occurs in your life.  Still, in a marketplace that locks consumers into long-term, punitive contracts with phone and cable providers, insurance carriers, financial institutions, and other companies, flexibility in your reading materials offers a welcome change.

Welcome to MagSwap.